Special Day

Building the Peace Garden today with my core team.KidsSundayLet’s do this!


Let’s go watermelon!

The secret to our success:


— planting the day after it rained

— covering the beds with leaves (the kind goats do not eat) to keep in moisture. . .

— true team-work + trusted relationship:




Best day in Kenya! Faith first – let the facts follow . . .


Ode to Oxygen

The “poetry goggles” (which allows one to see the world poetically, and authentically) fit my students at Shalom School, Kenya very well.

This year with my team (now in Class 7!) at Shalom School, in the IDP community in Molo, we discussed: global warming, air pollution, GMOs, organic farming, and the wonders of clean oxygen.  We found some poetic solutions to climate change. Here’s a small sample:

Ode To Oxygen
Oh Oxygen! You are good.
God made Oxygen.
People breathe oxygen.
Birds breathe oxygen
even plants breathe
out oxygen and breathe in
carbon dioxide.
I breathe oxygen.
I Breathe out Carbon Dioxide.
I am oxygen.
When you breathe me
you will live forever.
If you cannot breathe me
you cannot live
even one second
I am life
I cannot die
I am oxygen.

I hope everybody is oxygen.
You cannot live without breathing oxygen.
We are oxygen.

Ode to Oxygen

Oh Oxygen! You are surprising . . . .

Ode to O2
(fish breathe through gills
and fish need oxygen)

Oh Oxygen! You are good to people.
People love you. A person cannot live
without oxygen. Oh oxygen you came
from plants like trees and people give
plants CO2 and plants give us oxygen.

And you are air. God made air
for us to breathe, you are sooo
good for us. Without air we can die
I hope you live forever and everrr
and everrrr Amen!



SPECIAL thank-you to….the beautiful art supplies provided by the children (reaching out to children) from Immaculate Conception Parish in Vancouver, Canada.



The Peace Garden @ Shalom School in Molo has faced ups and downs in weather since we first planted last year (2016).   First, the floods.  Now, Kenya is  experiencing ongoing, serious drought (since September 2016).  Local communities have really been struggling with high food prices – and very few equal paying jobs.

My favourite donkey…is hot, dry and hungry.  DonkeyTry to look this donkey in the eye, and explain climate change! How is it happening?  What are the root causes?  Are the problems science based – or culturally caused?  I think Pope Francis has some honest answers, when he speaks of climate change as a problem – primarly for the poor. In Kenya I see how the high percentage of extreme rural poverty in the global south, is rooted in the heart of the global rich.

ShalomSmStudentWhat is in your heart?